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History of Puppetry
in Canada

Nina Keogh

Granddaughter of Violet and David Keogh and daughter of John and Linda Keogh, Nina Keogh became a third-generation puppeteer when she was introduced to puppetry by her parents, and began training with them on CBC Television's The Friendly Giant. An acclaimed puppeteer within the television medium, she worked on the CBC's Mr. Dressup, in addition to various specials with Jim Henson and several television commercials. Keogh's many successful ventures include the popular TV Ontario series Bookmice, for which she created a cast of puppets. Among her best-known television characters is the continuously rhyming Muffy Mouse, from TV Ontario's Today's Special. The character became an icon of children's English-language television in Canada during the 1980s.

Adapted from Figuratively Speaking: Puppetry in Ontario by Ken McKay, copyright 1990. Courtesy of the Ontario Puppetry Association and Ken McKay.

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