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History of Puppetry
in Canada

Vancouver Guild of Puppetry

The Vancouver Guild of Puppetry came into existence as the result of a puppetry workshop hosted by the Junior League of Vancouver in 1961. The guest instructor for the workshop was Alfred Wallace of New York, past-president of the Puppeteers of America. He encouraged those in attendance to establish a puppetry guild for the Vancouver area; an idea which was taken up by a group of enthusiastic participants. One of the Guild's special initiatives came to fruition in 1965, when it opened Vancouver's first Puppet Centre, and hosted the Hogarth Puppets from England for workshops and performances. Although the Centre closed the following year, the venture fostered a growing interest in puppetry throughout the region, and brought considerable exposure to the Guild, which was formally incorporated in 1968. Consisting of amateur and professional puppeteers, members have organized annual puppetry festivals and special events at a variety of locations, including the University of British Columbia and the Vancouver Planetarium. In addition to mounting puppet displays, its members have presented numerous workshops and performances for the general public. Today, the Guild continues to be a resource for, and promoter of, the art of puppetry.

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