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History of Puppetry
in Canada

Waterwood Theatre Projects

In 1978, Karen Waterman and Daniel Wood formed Echo-Logical Theatre, which later became Waterwood Productions. Known today as Waterwood Theatre Projects, the company has used puppetry in creating a number of educational theatre productions, addressing subjects such as ecology and nutrition. In addition, the company has toured successfully throughout Ontario, performing original children's shows such as Mouse Tales and Yes We Have No Bananas. One of the company's most popular creations is the body-puppet character Dudley the Dragon, who first appeared in the touring show The Conserving Kingdom during the 1980s. Dudley went on to star in his own television series, The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon, which was produced by TV Ontario and aired in both Canada and the United States during the 1990s. Puppeteer David Hannan recently joined Waterwood Theatre Projects, adding his skills to those of its founders. The company continues to perform at community venues and festivals, and also offers workshops on puppet building and manipulation for participants of various ages and levels of skill.

Adapted from Figuratively Speaking: Puppetry in Ontario by Ken McKay, copyright 1990. Courtesy of the Ontario Puppetry Association and Ken McKay.

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