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History of Puppetry
in Canada

Coad Canada Puppets

After moving from California to Vancouver in 1966, Luman Coad met Arlyn Coad (née Hill), and the two founded Coad Canada Puppets that same year. The troupe quickly became one of Canada's most acclaimed theatre companies. Inspired in part by the work of the Eastern Bloc countries' state theatres, Arlyn Coad created the company's uniquely shaped puppets. In addition to touring schools throughout British Columbia, Coad Canada Puppets performed for national and international audiences, as well as with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Many of the company's productions have received a UNIMA-USA Citation of Excellence in the Art of Puppetry. The Coads were also significantly involved with many puppetry organizations, such as the Vancouver Guild of Puppetry, UNIMA-Canada (Union Internationale de la Marionnette) and the Puppeteers of America. Shortly after Arlyn Coad passed away in 1999, the Arlyn Award was established to highlight "outstanding design in puppetry theatre". Luman Coad continues to create and perform award winning productions with Coad Canada Puppets.  He also continues to operate Charlemagne Press, a publishing company that was founded in 1986 through Coad Canada Puppets, specializing in the art of puppetry. Coad has authored numerous instruction manuals and reference books on the art of puppetry, including Marionette Sourcebook: Theory and Technique (1993).

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