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History of Puppetry
in Canada

Puppetmongers Theatre

Ann and David Powell, a brother and sister team originally from England, began making puppets as teenagers. After graduating from the Ontario College of Art, in 1973 they formed Puppetmongers Powell (known as Puppetmongers Theatre from 2001 onwards). Both Powells have toured internationally as puppeteers: David in Indonesia and Ann in the former U.S.S.R., Turkey and Romania. Puppetmongers Theatre performances are marked by a unique sense of humour, and involve the manipulation of figures with the puppeteers in full view of the audience while they interact with the puppets themselves. Recognized internationally, the company has received numerous awards for its productions, including several UNIMA-USA Citations of Excellence in the Art of Puppetry. Ann and David Powell have also performed puppets in a variety of films. Since 1996, the Powells have operated the Toronto School of Puppetry from their studio in Toronto, Ontario, inviting professional puppeteers to present workshops and give demonstrations on a variety of topics.

Adapted from Figuratively Speaking: Puppetry in Ontario by Ken McKay, copyright 1990. Courtesy of the Ontario Puppetry Association and Ken McKay.

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